Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rave:Korres Lip Butters

I've got a nice candle lit and I'm ready to write my first review! :) I'm sorry that this has been so long coming; I just started my second year of college and things have just been pretty nuts in my brain/school/work.

Anyways! Today I'm going to review (and rave) about some beauteous lip products from Korres. I was gifted my very first Korres Lip Butter by my sister Rachel for my birthday this past year. Fortunately for me, (and unfortunately for my wallet), it quickly became my most-used lip product, second only to my trusty Burt's Bees lip balm. Needless to say, I sprinted back to Sephora for more. I currently have three colors in the original Lip Butter line: Guava, Pomegranate, and Quince.

Korres Lip Butters: Guava, Quince, and Pomegranate

The Skinny: Korres Lip Butters are magical. Incredibly comfortable on the lips, moisturizing, along with a long list of flattering shades and a price tag of $12 a pop, these lip butters are a treat that your pretty lips will love!

The lowdown of each individual color:
Guava is your clear, I-need-moisture-but-don't-want-color lip butter. Easy to throw on, Guava simply provides a very subtle sheen and leaves nice, soft lips. I have to note that all these products have their own distinctive scent, presumably fashioned after the fruit they're named after. I'm extremely sensitive to scent, but I don't really mind the scent of Guava. If you are massively sensitive to smelly lip products, make sure to give it a sniff before you fully commit.

Pomegranate is my favorite shade of the bunch, a sheer coral that is a pretty subtle pop of color on the lips that is beautifully wearable. I don't leave the house without this in my bag, no matter where I'm going. The best part about this particular shade? You really can't smell it. Ahh, perfect.


Lastly for the lip butters, is Quince. Described as a sheer rose, Quince gives you a slightly deeper pop of color in comparison to Pomegranate; on the lips it's a very nice berry tint. Unfortunately, I don't reach for this shade very much because I find the scent so offensive. Whenever I try to give it another whirl, I end up with a bad headache (but very nice lips). Again, if you are hyper-sensitive when it comes to scent, give this one a little sniff before you commit.

Whew! That's all of them. My next post is also going to be about Korres, stay tuned! :)
Thank you, thank you for reading.
*Disclaimer: These products were purchased by myself or my sister; these are my honest opinions*

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  1. Sorry to hear about the headaches from the quince lip balm but glad you liked the others. The review was so helpful i was interested in getting these products now i know which ones to get and which ones to avoid. Wonderful blog and honest post xoxo