Friday, September 6, 2013

This or That: Benefit Highlighters

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Not gonna lie, this week has been... insane. Long hours at school, long hours at work. On top of that, I came down with something and have been just disgusting. So of course, my makeup routine has either been extremely minimal, or just ~au natural~ With that being said, I have found that there is one product that I always reach for to make my skin look a little more alive: highlighter. Today, I will do a breakdown of three highlighters from a brand that I feel really markets that "natural, glowy look" well: Benefit!
I currently have three Benefit highlighters in my makeup stash: High Beam, Sun Beam, and Watt's Up!
Because I am a poor college student, I, as well as Rachel, are always on the lookout for samples and deals. All of these highlighters are in the little sample/travel sizes because we got them in varying deals and whatnot at Sephora.
(L to R) Benefit's High Beam, Watt's Up, Sun Beam
Benefit's High Beam
High Beam is arguably the most famous of Benefit's highlighters. Described as a "luminescent complexion enhancer," High Beam is a pink-toned, creamy liquid that blends out into a iridescent shimmer on the cheeks. Housed in a clear plastic bottle with a brush applicator, High Beam is priced at $26 for 0.45 oz of product. To be perfectly honest, this highlighter... is not my favorite of the bunch. *hides* Because I am so yellow-toned, this highlighter seems almost garish on the cheekbones, no matter how little I put on, or how much I blend it out. I don't reach for this product often, and I don't see myself repurchasing it. However, if you are a highlighter junkie (that is neutral/pink toned) I would definitely recommend this product.

Benefit's Sun Beam
Up next, Sun Beam! The yellow-toned counterpart to High Beam, Sun Beam is described as a "golden bronze complexion highlighter." Also priced at $26, Sun Beam is a liquid formula that is housed in the same type of container to High Beam. I must say, I like this product. A lot. It reminds me of summer, and I love to sweep it across the cheekbones on beach days, picnic days, or whenever I'm wearing a gold-based eye look. I also feel that Sun Beam is much easier to blend across the face in comparison to High Beam, but that may just be me. Would I repurchase? Maybe, if I got a deal on it.

This final product, however... I will literally be sprinting to Sephora to repurchase as soon as I finish my current tube. Watt's Up is the only cream-to-powder highlighter from Benefit I own, and I absolutely love it. I got this little sample tube in my birthday gift from Sephora back in February, and I was immediately struck with how "high-end" it felt as I held it in my hand. The full-size twist-up tube comes with a spongy bit at the opposite end to blend in the product; it altogether feels more sturdy than the plastic bottles that High Beam and Sun Beam are packaged in. Priced at a hefty $30, Watt's Up is the most expensive highlighter in this bunch. *SIGH* Just my luck. Described as a "soft-focus highlighter," Watt's Up is a champagne highlighter in stick cream form. Easiest to apply, easiest to blend, Watt's Up is perfect for all skin tones and it's just... so beautiful. Most definitely repurchasing this gem! ^___________^

Swatches: (L to R) High Beam, Sun Beam, Watt's Up!
Whelps, that's all of them! If any of you are interested in any of these highlighters, I definitely recommend checking out the samples that Benefit sells. They are constantly releasing little boxes that you can purchase that come with several of their products for decent prices, so you can try them before you commit to them at a full price. **Note** Beauty Insiders at Sephora get a free birthday gift every year, and this year's present is a sample size of their cult-favorite mascara, They're Real! AND a sample of Watt's Up! GO GET 'EM!
Stay tuned next week for my exciting new series, "Across the Pond!"
Thanks for reading!

*All abovementioned products were purchased with my own money. All comments are my own, honest opinions and observations.*

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